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Poughkeepsie OESD Embroidery Class December

In the Hoop: Learn how fun and easy making a project in the hoop can be! This door hanger is a creative way to let people know where you sew! The entire project is made in the hoop, and you can apply what you learn to other in the hoop projects! This project is compatible with any machine with an embroidery capability of 6 x 10.

*ALBANY New Owners' Class Embroidery Sewing Machines: EMBROIDERY

EMBROIDERY: This class is to teach all new owners of embroidery machines how to use the embroidery functions. The class is free if you purchased your machine from from Albany Sewing Machine Center or the Yardstick in Cobleskill within the past year. Others welcome for a fee of $35.

Dec 28
Jan 3
*ALBANY New Owners Class For Mechanical Machines

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