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Albany Quilt Day

Quilt Day is an event where quilting enthusiasts gather for one day with extended hours to work on their quilting projects in a collaborative and supportive environment by sharing tips and techniques. It is an opportunity for quilters of all skill levels to come together, share ideas, learn from each other, and make progress on their quilting projects.

During the event, participants bring their own quilting projects and work on them at their own pace. The event provides a dedicated space with ample table space, comfortable seating, and great lighting for participants to spread out their materials and work on their quilts. There is also designated areas for cutting fabric, pressing, design walls to display and rearrange quilt blocks. In need of thread, needles, notions, patterns or get inspired, take a break and walk around our store. 

Overall, Quilt Day provides a focused and inspiring environment for quilters to work on their projects, surrounded by like-minded individuals who share their passion for quilting. It offers a chance to learn, create, and foster connections within the quilting community. Come join the fun here at Albany Sewing Machine Center. 

Skill Level:
Remember to bring your sewing machine (foot pedal and power cord too), all supporting supplies (thread, needles, bobbins, cleaning brush, oil for your machine, seam ripper (sadly, we all need those), tweezers, scissors, rulers, rotary cutters, ,manual, etc...), and those unfinished projects. Enjoy the time with others while sewing for the weekend. There is no instruction during this time.

Albany Quilt Day

$ 35.00
Excludes meals. Beverages and light snacks will be provided.

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