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Viking Brilliance 75Q

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Hudson Valley - Poughkeepsie - 845-473-2770

Capital Region - Albany - 518-446-0437

Over 460 stitches across 19 categories for easy selection, and stitches up to 54mm wide.
Exclusive patented stitch techniques. 4 sewing alphabets with both upper and lowercase letters for easy programming.
EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ TECHNOLOGY Automatically and continuously senses and adjusts as you sew any
thickness of fabric for perfect even feeding. Sensor Foot Lift
• Presser foot lowers and raises automatically, for every sewing technique.
• Four positions: down, pivot, up and extra lift.
• Automatically lowers feed teeth on extra lift for maximum space to slide thick fabrics and quilts under the foot easily.
Sensor Foot Pivot
• Automatic float position with needle down for instant pivoting, easy appliqué and quilting.
• Your hands are free to guide the fabric. Sensor Foot Pressure
• The presser foot continuously senses the thickness of the fabric and automatically adjusts the presser foot pressure,
for even feeding on all fabric types.
INTERACTIVE COLOR TOUCH SCREEN (WITH STYLUS INCLUDED) See stitches in real size and get all the sewing information
you need directly on the Interactive Color Touch Screen.
• Screen 3.5” (70x53mm ) • QVGA Resolution 320x240
EXCLUSIVE STITCH TECHNIQUES World-class patented stitch techniques only from HUSQVARNA VIKING®.
Dimensional Stitches, and Theme Stitches offer more creative opportunties. Dimensional Stitches
• Appliqué Stitches: Create appliqués quickly while in sewing mode by adding fabric when your machine stops.
• Pop-Up Stitches: For a one-of-a-kind look, add fabric while stitching for a pop-up effect.
• Appliqué & Pop-Up Stitch Combination: Stitches can be used together both horizontally and vertically.
• Sequin Stitches: Add a touch of elegance and sparkle to your project using patented Sequin Stitches. Theme Stitches
• Select from four different stitches in the same family to create a unique themed stitch.

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